The Poets

The Poets:
Vocals & Arrangement: DeeAy
Guitars & FX: Emaer
Live Poets:
2nd Guitar: Dani
Bass: Toni
Drums: Lee

The Tale

- Be hellcome dear fiend -
The Band „Thy FortellinG“ is formed in 2006 by Michael Fish (DeeAy/25) and Markus Pankow (Emaer/23).
Formerly been only a Sideproject by Michael Fish's Solo unplugged Project ArachnoVobicA, now its a main Project.

Thy FortellinG is something between Doom-Metal and Gothic from Germany(MetalFranken), called "Dark Poetic Doom".
All selfarranged and written Songs are recorded and mastered at a home PC, so the quality isnt like been in a real recording studio,
but it works for now.

The first songs are centralized in „The First Book of Tales“. These Songs are telling the Story of the Poet
who is losing his mind and is transforming to the bad, mean Tormentor who plants hate and pain in the heads
of the listeners. Its not a Story of a hero, its a drama of a terminally ill being.
At the End the Poet has to take a most tragic decision.

But we dont want to tell all the story – just listen to the songs and feel the adventures of the Poet
like beeing a part of it.

But let us blow you a little secret, the last sentence of this story will be:

„What would you do?“

hellish regards
Thy FortellinG